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    I am assembling my 1924 Excelsior Big X to confirm what parts I am missing, in doing so I need to make up the "studs" for the frame to mounting plates and the motor to mounting plates, but from what documents I have I can not determine the thread that what use . If someone could help me with the thread size that would be great and the size and thickness of the nuts would also be a great help.

    likewise I do not have the rear axle or rear axle spacers so any info on the thread size for the axle , axle nut dimensions and spacer dimensions would also be great


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    Greetings Warwick!

    Welcome to the Forum! I'm excited to get in touch with you, as I'm currently restoring my 1924 Big X as well. I'll send you a PM, check your messages for my contact info.

    This model is probably the rarest of all the Big X machines, only a few hundred made at the very end of the run before the Super X came out. It is an odd ball in that it had many one year only changes so it's a bit more challenging to do! However in some ways, it's not too bad because every change made in 1924 was once again done in order to use off the shelf Deluxe Henderson parts of which there are more around. The rear wheel, brake, axle and spacers was the same as Deluxe and used the wider brake and Timken bearings. Also Timkens on the front as well. I'm assuming you may have an export model which would be right side kicker and dual brakes, inner and outer on the same drum. The frame is a 1 year set up, made 9/16" wider at the rear to accommodate the wider Henderson hub. Also a peculiar lug just behind the seat post that was used to hang the 1 year only tool / battery box. That box assembly was 2 Deluxe battery boxes mounted back to back with a special hanger bracket.

    Contact me off line, as per my PM to you. I have all the info you need on the frame studs and can also get the rear axle dimensions for you.

    Regards, Gene Harper24 X left side NOS.jpg24 X right side NOS.jpg

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