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    G'day Eric

    Thanks for showing interest in my local motorcycle, I am definitely not an expert in the story of the Invincible JAP, in fact nearly all I am aware of has comes from "A-Z of Australian Motorcycles 1893-1942" & a booklet titled "Invincible JAP" both by Robert Saward. Turner Brothers Melbourne lost the Harley Davidson dealership in 1922 and at the same time won the JAP dealership. So they contracted Frith Brothers (who had been building JAP engine bikes with an ever increase American style) to build ~600 units. Its appears they were built from late 1922 to 1924, with four models 4-1/2 HP single, 770cc (6 HP) twin, 1000cc (8 HP twin), 1000cc (8 HP twin) sports. I have a 770cc model from 1923. I have attached two extracts from Roberts booklet showing period adds, its interesting that Turner Bros wanted a V/twin American style bike to replace their lost Harley dealership, yet the adds stress a English influence !when you look at the bike the style is obviously American for the period.

    Invincible add 2 jpg.jpgInvincible add .jpg
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