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Thread: PLEASE READ. There are two important areas that concern forum members

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    Default PLEASE READ. There are two important areas that concern forum members

    PLEASE READ. There are two important areas that concern forum members:

    1) You need to be registered with the new AMCA Website by February 15, 2020 to be able to keep using this forum;

    2) The email address you have included in your forum profile must match the email you used to register in the new AMCA Website.

    What is this all about?

    1) AMCA Community Forum members need to know that starting on February 15, 2020 in order for you to log into the forum you will have had to complete registration on the new AMCA Website.

    When a member logs in to the forum there is a connection made with the main AMCA Website to authenticate your membership. I think of it like a handshake. If you have not yet registered in the new website your login will be denied by this website.

    What to do?

    1) Go to In the upper right hand corner, click on "Member Login." From the Login panel, click on the button "Forgot My Username/Password." Put in your email address and FIRST name. You will receive an email with a temporary username and password. Once you login you will be required to change your password. You can also change your username at the same time.

    2) The AMCA Community Forum checks with the AMCA Website to make sure the person logging in is a current AMCA member. The AMCA Website uses the email you are registered with as a member and compares it to the one you used to register in the Forum. The two email addresses must match or you won’t be able to login to the forum. We have found that for any number of reasons people moved to new email addresses and used the new address when registering on the AMCA Website but did not change the email in their forum profile settings. Your email in your AMCA Website registry must match your email in the forum registry for login to be successful.

    What to do?

    If you need to change the email in your Forum profile, log into the forum. Once logged in go to the “My Profile” tab in the upper right corner of the forum home screen and click. This will bring up your user profile.

    In the box on the far left of the screen and adjacent to your forum username there is a pencil image to indicate the Profile edit function. Click on the pencil.

    image 1 edit.jpg

    This will bring up the forum user manager form of your profile. In the far left box called Profile find the box titled email. Click in the box at the end of your email and backspace to delete the old email, then type in the email you used in the new AMCA Website.

    Image 2 email.jpg

    Now scroll down to the bottom of this screen and find the “Save” tab, click save.

    Image 3 save.jpg

    Now go to the top right of this screen with your pointer and click the tab that says “Forum Home Page”, This will take you back to the forum and you are done.

    Image 4 back to forum.jpg

    This is how you edit your profile information.

    Feel free to contact me directly at if you need any help.

    Mike Love
    AMCA Forum
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