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Thread: The Distinquished Gentlemens Ride.

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    Default The Distinquished Gentlemens Ride.

    A friend told me about "THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMANíS RIDE" which was held worldwide
    29th September 2019:

    "Classic & vintage style motorcycles unite for prostate cancer research"

    I had never heard of or attended this event before so armed with camera I went as a
    spectator. The event was sponsored by Triumph motorcycles so there were new Triumphs there.
    Of interest to us were the antique motorcycles and thier dedicated owners who participated:

    Please see attachments.

    Maybe next year I will join them.
    I could have taken many more pictures of antique motorcycles but my camera battery went dead!
    (I do NOT have a phone that takes pictures).
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    DGR ride had several hundred riders in Denver this year. I planned for months, prepped and excited, lost my Dad to Prostate Cancer a week before the ride, in the fog of everything I traveled to Denver, bike shined, and ready, I was dressed as a proper gentleman, excited,,,,,, a day early!!!!! Couldn't go the next day, but I will buy a calendar for next year. Great ride for something very rare, Men's Causes, prostate cancer and suicide prevention.

    Side note, AMA guidelines say no need to check and screen for prostate cancer after 70. Bad idea. A treatable cancer if found early, killer if not. Get checked at any age, one minute of awkward and an additional blood test out of the blood already getting drawn.

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