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Thread: Please help identify Thiem and Thoroughbred?

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    Default Please help identify Thiem and Thoroughbred?

    I am looking for any advice, parts, stories!

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    Congratulations, I love seeing and hearing about finds like yours, so early and still around! Can you tell us the story of finding them? I think that part is just as interesting as anything else. By the way, I would agree on the Reading Standard. The other could be Thiem, but I'd have to study photos to be more sure, but it does appear Thiem-like. Best wishes.
    Mike Carver
    AMCA #3349

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    Great stuff, Garth. The Thiem is incredibly rare and in all the years I have messed with old bikes, I have never seen one. I think the Thiem was rare in it's own day and that is a real pity as it looked like a very well made, and thought out motorcycle. I see yours' has the 2 speed V-Belt sheave. Was that 2 speed their own design, or was it a Thor 2 speed? If it was a Thor 2 speed, you have a much better chance of finding parts as Harley-Davidson, and others used it. You should get a hold of Chris Price, the new AMCA club archivist who took over the reigns from Bruce Linsday. I think you are doing the right thing by getting your projects out there for people to see. Your bikes are very obscure and by posting pictures, and keeping those bikes in view may rattle someone's memory bank and turn up parts they never could identify (and hopefully send to you The whole trick to this hobby, is letting people know what you are looking for.
    Eric Smith
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    Hello Garth,
    At our recent AMCA Evergreen Chapter 39th annual Tenino, WA Swap Meet the highlight of the motorcycle show was a 93 yr. old gentleman and his lovely wife who proudly showed their restored
    1912 Thiem and discussed its history with smiles and enthusiasm. I have never posted a photo here, so have no idea how to do so. If you send me a private message I will email you some photos I took.
    I do not have contact information for the owners but it may be available from our chapter, I can look into this if you wish. I vaguely remembered seeing this at Norm Gerlich's shop in Seattle many years ago.

    John Crawford
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    Right on John. Thank you Sir that’s great news

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