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Thread: New Accessories Thread

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    Default New Accessories Thread

    Now it's time to show our parts and catalogs !

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    If someone has them I would like to see some saddle bags that would have been available for a 1941 Four

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    Default Indian 4 saddlebags

    These were said to be factory option on this ‘41 Four which changed hands at Oley this year....if I can get the photo to attach.
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    Now thats a set I havn't seen yet, a zipper vs a flap, cool, thanks

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    Howdy sir,

    Those came out in 1940 so you’re good to go. They are robustly built and riding high over the exhaust not prone to burn through on the right side nor deform/come apart as they are smaller than standard bags reducing the temptation for owner to overload.

    The last image is of a pair on an OP 46 in excellent condition, you’ll note they do not have Indian embossed on the sides. Unfortunately, due to rarity, this does not make these any cheaper as I wait patiently for this owner to decide on selling them to replace the reverend Kaisers on my 440.

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