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Thread: Torque Four Oil pressure Gauge

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    Default Torque Four Oil pressure Gauge

    Does anybody have information, about the oil pressure gauge on the Indian Torque Four?

    Especially the unused mounting holes, on the outer edge of the gauge.

    You can email me at

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    You should post a picture if you want a response

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    Yes Sir, I agree a pic would help.

    But the oil pressure gauge in question is on the Torque 4, and I have no way to get to the Torque 4 to get a pic.

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    It can be seen in this video

    So, now that you have this info, what do you do with it?
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    Thank You for posting that.

    I compared the gauges, when the Torque four was on display somewhere, many years ago. But I didn't take a picture.

    I have a new gauge just like that. Had it for probably 50 years.

    Yea, what do I do with it! That is a statement, notice I didn't use a question mark. There isn't an answer.


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    We all need little projects to aggravate ourselves.

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    I had forgotten how good looking the Torque 4 was. Which brings to mind when I messed up an easy shot in pool, someone would always say; "Good concept, but poor execution." That seems to have been the entire history of Indian Motocycle which is such a tragedy, as they were so innovative, and creative. Thanks for the video, kustomizer.
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    The consistant thing about Indian was that they were consistantly inconsistant. Though I found some literature recently that shines some light on that.

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