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Thread: Harley Davidson or Indian Salesman Sample?

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    Default Harley Davidson or Indian Salesman Sample?

    Hello all,

    First time posting for me. I found this motorcycle at an estate sale and I have never seen anything like it. I was told by one person online that he thought it was a sample that a Harley Davidson or Indian salesman may have used to sell full size motorcycles. There is no branding marked anywhere on the bike. It is 10" tall by 19" long and pretty heavy. Tires appear to be real rubber and it has all moving parts including chain and wheels. Any thoughts. Unfortunately, seat is missing and top headlight is unattached but I do have as shown in pic. Any input would be very welcome. Thanks guys!
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    I think it's handmade. No salesmans' sample, because it's not an accurate representation of any specific bike, but modeled after an Indian, I think (dash, fenders). One person's rough idea what a 1930s motorcycle looked like.
    A homemade toy, maybe never finished.

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    I found this one online and the owner and I were able to compare and they are exactly the same except for a different style of handlebars. He cannot find an origin for his either.588C87BF-8482-4BDD-9E81-D058981E9740.jpg588C87BF-8482-4BDD-9E81-D058981E9740.jpg
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    Thank You Sarge

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    Modern day model made by people who eat a lot of rice.
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