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I should also mention that a number of AMCA members over the years have taken it upon themselves to personally visit these sites, take pictures, and in most cases; trespass for our benefit. Louie Hale, Doug Strange, and Jerry Hatfield quickly come to mind, so it isn't just Mr. Bund's antique motorcycle heritage we're talking about.
I would sure like to take one early stab at getting something going on growing info, maps, photos and quips about historic sites where motorcycles had been built, sold, serviced, etc.

Starting with Louie Hale, Doug Strange and Jerry Hatfield, as well as any other member of the forum can you provide just one piece of imagery or commentary that get a marque motorcycle heritage forum going? We have a general Antique Heritage Forum now as Eric Smith suggested in a comment I think we need to break this down to motorcycle makes.

Any contributions?