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Thread: 47 h-d wheel hubs

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    Default 47 h-d wheel hubs

    I want to stay show correct.
    I read i can powder coat frame, front forks, rims.

    What about the hubs ? Can i powder coat... What finish is best accepted in the show bike community ?

    I am real new to this ... Just got a basket.. Stay tuned for real dumb questions ... I already got the bruce palmer new book so i think i am on the right path,i would rather do the correct thing now.. As to have to go back and redo...
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    Even though powder coating is acceptable on parts, and modern powder coating has gotten better and less 'plastic" looking, it is always discernible from correct finishes. And no stock H-D ever came in "show correct" finishes......
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736

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    sorry... when I asked what finish is best accepted in the show bike community.. I ment any finish not just powder coating.... paint enamel ? what do I need to finish these hubs in ?
    and if a bike rolled off the assembly line in 1947. wouldn't that be show correct finish ?

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    I use acrylic enamel with a wet look hardener; and the hardener for strength, durability, and fast drying. As Robbie said, H-D took no special efforts to get a flawless paint job on pedestrian chassis parts. If it came out perfect, that was great. . . If there was a run, or some overspray, that was okay too. I have some NOS parts that came out of Miami H-D and if I use those parts, I'll probably repaint them
    Eric Smith
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    I believe powder coat is considered acceptable for judging, as long as it approximates actual paint.

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