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Thread: Chief Center Stand Operation?

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    Imagine that Indian also suggested that once the bike is on the center stand, then you can lean the bike further over onto the side stand (note the curved up leg on the center stand side closest to the side stand) and in doing so you can then remove the rear wheel! Iím not trusting that shaky tripod arrangement!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Chief View Post
    Well that sucks ass. I just did this on my 1948 Indin and the damned kickstand broke just before the circular part the bolts the stand leg to the bracket and the bike landed on my right ankle and foot. Then I had no way of standing the bike up so I had to roll it and lean it against the tire of my hotrod. I highly don't recommend this. My ankle is OK but my wallet just got emptied out of $160 for a new /old 1948 Kickstand!!! My ankle is a bit sore but the bike survived. Looks like the stand is cast iron and not forged.
    I put my '40 Chief on it's center stand whenever I finished a ride because it had drooling issues. I was always fearful that the kickstand would break, or slip out of it's lock when I wanted to use the centerstand. It never happened, but the doubt was always there. As a belt and suspenders fix; I welded a steel bar inside the kickstand channel, and whenever the paranoia got to me, I would go through the whole kickstand assembly and make sure it would lock when down. I also made a bushing for the kickstand where the pivot bolt goes through so there would be no wobbling, or play. Use a grade 8 pivot bolt, and a lock-nut to hold it all in place. The biggest problem I had was finding good springs of the right length to keep the kickstand up when I rode. I love Indians, but they made one of the worst kickstands I have ever had to live with on a motorcycle.
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    I put my '48 Chief on the center stand for 2 reasons:
    1. Maintenance, such as oil changes.
    2. When on a long trip, I often need to pull over and rest. With the bike on the center stand, I can lean back on my bedroll and duffle with my heels hooked over the handlebar and take a nap. Sounds weird, but it works -- and I not yet fallen off.

    It simply does not work for me to use the clumsy side stand technique to get the bike on its center stand when it is loaded with luggage; therefore, I intend to reinforce the center stand mount so that it will not snap off (as it has twice already) when I rock the bike (loaded with luggage) onto its center stand. To do this, I put my left foot against the lowered center stand and pull back and up on the left rear crash bar.

    Has anyone successfully reinforced the center stand mount? If so, what did you do?
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