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Thread: More Crocker info....

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    yes he did but that particular one is a repop of a repop. I know it well. there have been many other 3rd and so on generation repops of these.

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    There's an article on Dave Minerva's Big Tank in the latest issue of Hemmings. I guess I should clarify....there are pictures of Dave's machine in the article. It's the regular well told Crocker story and not much of anything on the bike pictured. I sure would like to hear more on that machine (it was featured in the Spring issue of the club mag). It's got to have the most character of any Crocker I've ever seen. It's his philosophy that I like the best about the club article. quote "As Dave fires up the bike, a spectator wanders by, obviously impressed to see such a rare machine being put to use. "What's it valued at?" he asks. Dave blips the throttle a few times, and the race edged sound of his 68-year old hot-rod brings a smile to his face. "Doesn't matter," he responds. end quote.

    Since I'm not likely to get my hands on one in this lifetime, what's it like to ride one Barry?
    Cory Othen

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