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Thread: Crockster?!?!?

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    MTroy Guest

    Angry Crockster?!?!?

    Look at this, it is an outrage!

    Ah just kidding, that's my site. Not that any of you would care , but I don't have anything to sell at this time...

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    exeric Guest


    I wish I could talk my wife into doing that with her 883. I like what you did with a difficult bike to customize. How does it ride?

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    AdminGuy Guest


    The geometery of the front end looks a little whacked. How does it handle? Be honest.

    Are you going to redesign the frame?

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    MTroy Guest

    Default Crockster

    Well what can I say, it is what it is. I didn't build it to ride cross country, or to put in a museum, I built it for fun. And to show off of course.

    How does it handle? Well let's just say it requires more attention than a Gold Wing..!

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