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'36 Four marvel carb questions

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  • '36 Four marvel carb questions

    Can anyone tell me what the proper finishes are for a '36 Marvel carb are?

    Was it all painted black, both cast iron bottom as well as the potmetal top? Was any of the small hardware plated?

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: I am making gas-proof floats for these, out of pure necessity; Will trade for Indian carb parts and pieces, anything but Amals.

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    carb questions

    I have seen the carb both ways, either both pieces being painted or just the cast iron piece. All of the little hardware was nickle plated. My father and I finished a 1936 four about a year ago. The project took about three and a half years. What a night mare. Parts were so difficult to come by.


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      Marvel carb

      Cotton, If this is my carb, it should be plaid. MacPherson Hunting is the tartan.
      That is all : )


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        Too late: it's already baked Aerogloss satin black.
        Still looking for that chokeshaft spring on the carpet somewhere.

        Incredibly, I have been blessed with a copy of the original detailed literature, with a full blueprint.