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    I have a 4 frame as near as I can tell it's a 1935 0r 36, because the neck doesn't look like my 37 frame. The neck on the frame has less metal in the neck bearing area, where my 37 is more solid. Someone chopped off the axle plates, along with the frame number. Years ago Michael Breeding was making Indian frame castings. I got a set of axle plates from him. as for the number not sure what to do. I have a 35 case with good numbers. It would be nice to have matching numbers. I would like to be somewhat correct in what I do. If I go the California Highway Patrol, I may be leaving without my frame. Them thinking it is a stolen bike frame. Here is how I got the frame. When I bought my 37 chief for 750.00 I talked the guy out of the 1937 4 rolling frame sitting in the corner for the fenders. I got the 37 Chief up and running. Years went by, and I decided to try and piece together the 37 4. I advertised in Hemmings. for a four motor. Someone contacted me that had a motor still in a frame with the rear cut off. Turned out to be a 1936 motor. The frame I have may be a 36? So I have a 36 motor in my 37 four. Who cares? Not me. By the way this all occurred in early 80's, when at a swap meet a four with side car could be had for 5,000.00 This still bothers me about the rolling 37 frame. I told someone about a late 4 complete motor the guy had I was going to buy, when I got the funds, he wanted 1,400.00 for it. All I wanted was a complete motor. Wasn't thinking much about the 37 four engine in pieces. Another mistake. Anyway the guy I told about the motor found out about it somehow, and bought the late 4 motor, and the 37 four in pieces out from under me. How do you tell the year of a frame with no numbers? All this is probably more than most of you want to know, but that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.Stan

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    36 frames have a stud wenlded onto the right side vertical support tube under the seat which holds the exhaust of the Upside-down Fours. If you do not have that stud on your frame it is very likely a 1935 frame. Therecould also be a difference in the location of the shifter on 35s and 36s, but am not 100% sure about that.


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      Thanks for the reply. The stud you mentioned is on the frame, but about 2 inches up from the lower tube. My four has the stud, but is much higher where the dual exhaust pipes from the manifold attach. The 36, and 37 exhaust mounts the same, so the frame I have is not those 2 years. Stan