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Roy Rogers on a Four

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  • Roy Rogers on a Four

    Member Brad Osmonson WI sent a few images to me. I thought that others on the Forum may like this image. Looks like it may make an interesting story for the magazine?

    What yr four is this bike?

    I wonder if Roy accually started the bike? Did he ride (motorcycles)? I know a few guys did like Clark Gable. Does anyone know?
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    No worries, Roy rode the four! From all accounts
    he was an avid motorcyclist and Indian 4 fan. He appeared often on the cover of the Indian News.
    There was a write up about this in one of the
    Laughing Indian Riders club newsletters a few years
    back. At the time, one member had done some research
    and concluded that his 1942 Indian four had originally
    been owned by Roy ... Perry