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    My names Paul, I live just outside of London in the UK and I recently aquired (2 years ago) a 1935 Indian four that was exported from Springfield to Edinburgh in 1935. The previous owner had started the restoration of the cycle nearly 20 years ago, but had given up on it due to bad health about 2/3 of the way through. I have been slowly going through every aspect of this cycle putting as much right that was not done correctly and sorting the many things that had not been done at all. I am now at a point where there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.
    I have couple of questions maybe somebody can help me with.
    1. What washers were used if any under the 1/4" nuts used to hold the intake manifold down - I cannot see any listed in the 35 parts list.
    2. Can anyone recommend a source for a replacement 35 exhaust manifold ?
    3. Has anyone got any photos of the wiring routing under the fuel tanks and to the various components ?
    Appreciate any help on the above, thankyou.
    AMCA#24040 - too many toys - not enough time

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    Paul, Try this for the exhaust manifold.


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      Thankyou Harleytoprock,
      Due to an incorrect email address !! 3 previous attempts to contact Mr Wilcock over the last year led me to believe he no longer traded, hence my request for info. However, thanks to you I can contact him now I have the correct contact details.
      Next problem is finding $700 plus shipping costs
      AMCA#24040 - too many toys - not enough time