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Chief Generator Pulley modification ?

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  • Chief Generator Pulley modification ?

    On a previous post I spotted a tip for making it possible to fit/change the generator belt without having to remove the drive pulley, has anyone done this mod ? Does anyone have a photo and/or the dimensions of what needs to be cut off the pulley to allow this ? I don't fancy messing a good pulley up cutting it wrong !
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    Not sure about tip you spotted but I guess you could grind a flat on the outside rim,not going down below where top of belt sits to slide it in.
    But I have to say it is so easy to pop off the pulley why bother.


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      Mine was apparently modified by someone in the past here is a poor picture. Don't know if it makes changing belt any easier as I loosen the generator mount anyway.

      Modified Generator Pulley.JPG


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        I don't have a photo either... but I've done this modification for years to many of my Chief generator pulleys, but I don't have any experience using the technique on Scouts. Easy to do, simply use a hack saw or an electric angle drive cutter and slice off enough of the inside edge (be sure to clean up the edge of whats left on the pulley) The belt comes off without having to remove the pulley from the shaft when the belt is worn out. I've done this on both rigid frames and plunger frames (different belt cover orientention)

        The whole idea is you don't have to remove the pulley and the lid bolt (directly beneath the belt) to replace a worn belt. Paul, if you cut the slice just right, you don't have to loosen the bracket to replace the belt. Loosening the gen bracket in the field can be tricky, lining up the pulley with the pulley cover still attached. Just less to remove when doing a field repair.

        As far as judging is concerned, I don't think the modification is factory correct. yet I'v seen this mod extensively over the years


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          ...from the Indian Parts Europe (IPE) site:

          Pisten Bully is Harry Roberts in Vermont.


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            C2K here... I cut the pulleys just slightly deeper, flush to the inside of the lesser diameter of the pulley, theres no issue as long as the pulleys are straight-edged to alignment


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              Thanks C2K and Harry; I learn something new every day!

              So now I am wondering what the field procedure for changing generator belts is?
              Assuming the belt being run has broken?????
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                Thank you for all of your responses, most appreciated.

                My Chief is a bitsa (different year parts etc) A 48 motor in a 39 frame means the generator goes behind the seat post, then the genny has to be raised to its highest point to clear the stock chainguard, also the battery box and mounting plate all have to go down an inch or so (level with bottom of frame) to clear the genny clamp ... I couldn't swing a spider down there let alone a cat.

                So this modification is going to make things a lot easier for me to do in that area, during the rebuild, paint and future work.
                AMCA#24040 - too many toys - not enough time


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                  I learned of this trick in the early 70's and have done it on every chief since then. I've included these pictures since I have a motor on the bench. Pulley diameter is 2-7/8" I used a belt sander and removed 1/8". That's the minimum. Why? If you are ever along the road, you don't have to remove the pulley. Makes you wonder why they didn't do it at the factory.
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