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New battery-now no spark

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  • New battery-now no spark

    Hi guys,
    I put a new agm battery in my 48 Chief, 12 volt from Napa, which I think is made by Deka. Now I have no spark. I didn't try to start it before changing the battery because I knew it was dead. It was also agm. I put on new coil, plug wires, points, condenser. The lights work. What am I doing wrong?
    Last edited by cwilli; 11-21-2023, 04:33 PM. Reason: I didn't know I needed to clean new points, but I took sandpaper to them and now there is spark. Thanks for the suggestions.

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    Check your ground first. Your lights work? Check to see if you've you've got 12v to the coil. Then check for 12v to the distributor and points. If not then backtrack from where you first stopped seeing 12v to where you last saw 12v. Kind of a brief rundown of basic troubleshooting, but you didn't say you tested the new battery.... but you're going to want to do that... might be enough voltage in it to light the lights, but not enough to spark. Good luck!
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      I would start by double checking the last work you did connections to new coil, points, condenser.


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        Lift + side 12v coil wire, check for 12v on the wire. If you have 12v there reconnect + wire and lift - coil wire, check for 12 coming out of the coil. If you have 12 volts there coil is probably good, and you now know you have power to the points. I would next suspect the points are the problem or quite possibly Chairman Xi sent you a shorted condenser. Do not ask me how I know this.