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47 Chief frame repair and dimensions?

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    Thanks Bill. That's pretty impressive. I'll consider the option. Cotten, I'll check the dumpster outside Welder's Supply before I go in just in case the dumpster gods are still smiling


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      Hokey smokes Folks!

      I just priced Stay-Silv #15 on fleabay, and one vendor is selling it for twelve bucks a stick. If anybody wants some of mine at five bucks, just let me know.

      (I might have to cut them in half to get them in an envelope, however...)


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        So a quick update. I Cotten's advice and went to my local welders supply, described what I was doing and asked for advice. The counter guy is also a motorcyclist and pointed me toward low fuming bronze. I bought flux coated and non flux coated and went through a couple small bottles of oxy/acetylene practicing my brazing after reading and watching videos (I highly recommend Paul Brodie videos on youtube). After much practice I went at it and it came out pretty good. I should've stopped while I was ahead because I slopped some extra on that i will have to clean up before the frame gets powder coated but I'm confident in the strength. Failed to take a pic of the finished product but if I stop by the shop where it's at I'll post it. Thanks to all who helped. Now for my next question but that's a new topic.