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    I have a late 30's Chief that I just put new handlebar grips on . The right hand grip fits well but the left is a little loose. Does anyone have a suggestion of how to fix without gluing it in place. thanks ahead for any help.

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    Though you may be opposed to gluing your grips on - gluing them on makes good sense. You don't want them to pull off when accelerating or attempting an emergency maneuver. One of the better glues out there for the purpose is 'Renthal Grip Glue'. The glue is a super-powerful contact cement and is available from several vendors. It is a favorite of off-road enthusiasts, where a grip coming loose can spell disaster. I use it and my grips do not move - even after sitting in the hot sun. Some people wrap the handlebar with electrical tape to tighten up a loose grip, but that kind of repair is amateurish and not satisfactory. Using a large diameter piece of heat-shrink tubing is a better repair if a grip is extremely loose.


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      I just build the twist up with black electrical tape works mint!


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        We used friction tape in the old days, it still works well. Buy the good stuff like 3M, not dollar store crap.
        You can still get the grips off with compressed air if you need to and re-use them without cutting.
        Rich Inmate #7084