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  • Linkert DC-7 Body

    I am dealing with a Linkert DC-7 on a 66 FLH with thread issues on the nozzle port. The original 3/8-24 threads have been stripped at some point. Someone then cut oversize 7/16-20 threads for the stud that holds the idle tube in place. The problem is, the threads for the nozzle have not been disturbed and are still 3/8-24, but the new 7/16-20 threads were not cut deep enough so the plug will not go in far enough to seal tight against the fiber washer, so the carb is leaking gas. Additionally, the first couple threads are gone so the stud/plug only has a couple good threads to hold it in place.

    Anyone have experience restoring these threads (heli-coil) and not damaging the body, or have a good DC-7 body they would be willing to part with?

    A pic of the trashed threads is included.

    dc-7 threads.JPG