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IDing Shovelhead crown head

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  • IDing Shovelhead crown head

    Hey fellas I got a pair of crown heads I need help Identifying if the one in the pair is OEM or aftermarket. I included pictures. My question about this particular head is there is no casting date code on the top fin by the pushrod cutout like the other crown head i have witch says 7-77 on the top fin. This head just reads 16705-75 with no top fin date code. I'm not to knowledgeable on shovelhead stuff so would appreciate some sound knowledge. Thanks in advance.
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    I haven't done a lot of research on heads for Shovels so I can’t say if yours is H-D or not but here is another one with that casting number. I do not know if this one has a DC.

    Casting numbers were 05 66 (front) and 07 66 (rear) into the early-70s AFAIK.

    According to SB 680, since October 28, 1974, all FL/FLH/FX/FXE-1200 models were manufactured with new heads accommodating longer-reach spark plugs so for front heads that may explain the change to casting number 16705 75? (And later there were other versions including 16705 75B and 16705-80A.) Rear casting number may have changed to 16707 75?

    There were at least three months in 1974 when front heads had a DC and they were May (5 74), October (10 74) and November (11 74) but I don’t know what casting number(s) they had. There was at least one month in 1975 when front heads had a DC and it was August (8 75) but the casting number in the photo I have is only 05.