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  • Bing Jet Sizes

    I’m running a 1/26 Bing on a Zundapp 2 stroke. The bike is trying to start but not quite there. I know nothing of the history of the bike prior to me buying it a couple months ago other than the motor was rebuilt but never started. It has a 120 main jet which is within the recommended sizes. The idle jet and needle aren’t marked. Is there any way to gauge them to know if they are within the recommended sizes. Until it actually runs more than hitting a few revolutions I really have no way of knowing what it needs.

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    Try Bing at 620 767 7844 he might be able to help.


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      I found some info. Sizes are measure in mm. Use numbered drill bits to measure. I only have numbers for B M W application.



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        The idle jet is so small that my very smallest torch tip cleaner (from a full set) won’t pass through. I did get the bike running, idling and starting easy but it has no power under what I guess is 5,000 rpm. Not just peaky as you would expect from a 125cc race engine but almost no power at all. So in basic tuning would slightly retarding the spark help? Should I try a bigger or smaller idle jet? Bigger or smaller main jet? I can also raise or lower the needle. Any help is appreciated.