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1971 Commando

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  • 1971 Commando

    1971 750 Commando that was abandoned in a bike shop in 1995 for "swingarm issues" and probably sat somewhere else for years before that as it only has 7000 miles on the odometer.

    The head was rebuilt, cylinders looked great, rebuilt the swingarm, installed new amal carbs, ignition points, cleaned up the primary and clutch, changed the oil, checked valve clearances and timing, new battery, lots of cleaning. The custom economy repaint actually has real glitter embedded into the paint. It looks awesome from 20 feet but looks hideous at 6 inches. I think I will just clearcoat it and leave it alone. She started on the 2nd kick!

    Scott Larson
    AMCA #13589
    Omaha Chapter

    1953 HD FLE
    1971 HD FLH
    1971 Triumph Bonneville 650
    1973 Norton Commando 750

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    Howdy sir,

    Built the 74 850 at the link below in 1990 after riding other folks machines for years. Riding a rubber mount 83 FXR of similar vibration isolating layout at the time was alarmed out how some decent running/looking Commando’s got spooky when pressed hard in sweepers. Hinged in the middle, connected by a bungee cord....then I learned about isolastics. Sourced vernier adjustables from Fair Spares (probably get them from Coventry Spares this side of the pond) and this machine was transformed into a nimble responsive handler without that much more noticeable vibration.
    1950 Vincent - A Red Rapide Experience