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splitdorf ns2 timing

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  • splitdorf ns2 timing

    i have an ns2 that has the top gear that houses the rotor in wrong, there are no punch marks on the gears so my question is when the small lobe on the cam is at 12 o'clock what time should the rotor contact be pointing? thanks chris

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    Chris don't know if this will help you, but here's two pages from the 101 shop manual discussing this (and the 101 uses the NS2):

    timing 1.jpeg
    timing 2.jpeg
    Pisten Bulley is Harry Roberts in Vermont.


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      I checked the Club Library search term "splitdorf" 20 items found.


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        I'm assuming you are putting this mag on an Indian, which turns CW, looking at the drive shaft.

        So, the steel gear behind the cam has a punch mark on one tooth. The fiber gear has a corresponding punch mark between 2 teeth. Look close, it's there, unless the fiber gear is eroded so badly it is gone, it can be a faint mark. I put a dot of white paint on both.

        If you can't find the mark, set it up as per the above picture: Cam gear mark at 12:00 and time the rotor so the brass contact is pointing toward 2:00. Be sure to rotate it through, advanced and retarded to be sure the brass contact will hit the brushes at 3 and 9:00.

        A warning: If the fiber gear is the least bit damaged, you should replace it! Vahan Dinihinian is the only source for a new one, he advertises in the magazine. Also, be absolutely sure the oil well is CLEAN and the wick is clean so it can draw up fresh oil, otherwise the steel rotor shaft will gall and seize on the bushing, then it's all over. I know first hand how important this is because that's exactly what knocked me out of the Cannonball in 2018.

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          thanks for the info very helpful, chris


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            magneto redone and 32 chief is running great ,, thanks chris