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    I don't like to take a chance on old irreplaceable leather items or expensive new seats and bags so I use Lexol. It is pricey but can be purchased in a large 3 liter container at a better price. It will last me years when I purchase it that way.
    Jim D


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      With our bikes being the current value they are, what is considered expensive to preserve the leather on them? I just bought a Lexol kit thru Amazon that contains an 8oz. cleaner, an 8 oz. conditioner and two large foam applicators for less than $18 delivered to my doorstep. I thought that was reasonable, no? Am I out of the leather preserving pricing loop? I'm just concerned about seats and not saddlebags, maybe that is the difference.
      Bob Rice #6738


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        I’ve generally found only two types of seats deteriorate: those that never see love and those that are over oiled/maintained.

        Don’t let it get super wet. Don’t let it get super dry. Don’t oil it so much the leather packs up and can’t breathe.

        If you have a sweaty bum, consider mineral oils over waxy stuff.


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          Originally posted by exeric View Post
          I'll try the glycerin, Robbie. My Sister gave me a bottle of Austrailian bee's wax leather treatment and even though it has made the seat leather quite soft, it's also sticky; which is why I posted this thread. Perhaps the glycerin will cut through that. I guess there's something to be said for a motorcycle seat that sticks to your pants but it's still creepy.
          I thought I would up-date my experiment with the 'bee's wax leather treatment' my Sister sent to me . . . Don't use it. (neither Australia, or bumble-bee's fault) I think it was good for the leather and after repeated applications of Lexol, the seat is no longer sticky and is now subtle, so I think the Lexol did cut through the gooey bee's wax stuff and delivered what I wanted to begin with. I'm going to give an old teens Troxel seat the bee's wax treatment and see if it can bring that mummy back to life.
          Eric Smith
          AMCA #886


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            I have used Fiebings products exclusively on my Chiefs over the years. No complaints. I believe that there are many solutions out there. Fiebings has been my go to leather stuff for years. I do not claim it is better than anything else. Just what works for me.
            Pete Cole AMCA #14441
            1947 Indian Chief


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              Originally posted by PaulCDF View Post
              Neets foot oil and Kiwi neutral shoe wax.
              Caution, Paul,

              Out of all the fine products on the market, Feibings, Lexol (which has some neat's foot), Leather Therapy, etc.), common neat's foot oil is the only one that was a complete disaster for me.

              It turned the lids of these bags to coconut shells:


              An old farmer explained that it should never be used on horsehide!

              PS: I am finding little to suggest that Kiwi neutral is that much different from good ol' S.C. Johnson's, so probably just as good.
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                Thanks Cotten!
                I'm still using the Kiwi neutral shoe wax I'll have to give Johnsons a try
                UPDATE turns out my wife has Lexol cleaner and leather treatment for her pursues (who knew?!?) so I have been using that with good results.