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    Hi guys, just a heads up.... recently had some issues with some parts I bought from "casholdbike" he has a bunch of 45 stuff. I got some "nos" unopened in the box bearings and such based on the part numbers on the box. Most of it was correct, but some of the parts didn't match the part numbers. I told him and he got real defensive about how he's tired of dealing with people on ebay and he just sells the stuff and knows nothing about it. Not saying he's misrepresenting on purpose, but when part numbers are listed you should know what you're getting. It's buyer beware on ebay!

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    Stuff might have come out of the Dixie sale a couple of months ago. E-bay is flooded with it right now. Crap was on skids. What was in the boxes was anybodies guess. They where even selling cooked inner tubes. Bob L


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      Well Mike don't let the facts get in the way of a good story. You bought 4 items and 1 had an issue. I combined shipping and you received the items. You left me positive feedback and I did the same. You must have saw what I did when you viewed the parts. You contacted me with an issue and I ask questions I didn't get defensive I just wanted to avoid this issue with other buyers since I have many of the same part (I have sold 16 of the same item with no issue. I gave you a refund on the part and let you keep the item. We are talking about a $27 part. BUYER BEWARE REALLY? The real reason you are here venting on this forum is that after all your crying I blocked you from future sales and yes its issues like this is why I don't like dealing on ebay. The most dishonest people on ebay are the buyers and anyone that sells there will understand.

      For the record Robert none of these parts came from Dixie.


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        Hi doc, glad to see you're on the forumn! I sell on ebay, have for a very long time. Very rarely any issues buying or selling. According to you, you have tons of issues. Maybe it's not the buyers, but you. You should educate yourself and know what you're selling.... a good example would be how you list some parts as 45 wl, when in fact they are for an ironhead sportster. I simply stated my experience with you.... that's what this section is for. I even said I didn't think it was intentional, just a friendly heads up to fellow amca members of my experience. Best of luck to you with your future sales! - mike
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          No, Mike you said buyer beware totally not true. Yes I am not an expert and I have had issues but took care of any issues promptly. So is there some kind of antique biker training school I could go to before I sell more items on ebay? Did you go there? Or did you just wake up one day and poof you were an expert. I wi;; keep it nice and move on you have a happy new year.


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            My experience with the seller has been just fine. Bought 3 items, asked him to pack well and he did as most seem to skimp on this. Just bought 2 more items, awaiting arrival now. I anticipate no issues.
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