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A quality titling company! "moto recycle"

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  • A quality titling company! "moto recycle"

    Hi everyone, I recently picked up a nice set of cases for my WL that did not have a title. I know International used to be a good titling service, but have heard it's not what it used to be. I found "moto recycle" and thought I'd give them a try.... the owner Justin was very helpful and made sure my paperwork and everything looked to be in order before proceeding. I paid his fee (which is not much) and the taxes based on the bikes value to the state of vermont... about a month later I received a vermont plate and registration. I then took that to a tag place and transferred to PA... A few weeks later I received my clean and clear PA title for a 1949 harley wl! I know a lot of you have different ways of getting titles in different states, but if you don't know where to start I'd highly recommended moto recycle. Justin was easy to get a hold of and made the process quite painless and simple. Thanks justin! -mike

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    Just an FYI, in the past (to my direct knowledge as of 3 years ago) you could contact the Vermont DMV directly and do the exact transaction without a middle man. I received a Vermont reg and plate for a '68 Triumph for under $50.00 total when I did it. Not knocking the title service, just pointing out that Vermont may be more than happy to deal with individuals directly.
    Mike Carver
    AMCA #3349


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      Sent moto recycle a message. We'll see what comes back. I'm pretty far along in the process now. I just don't want a brand new vin # and holes drilled in my 75 year old frame.


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        Here is how it plays out! Alabama was the last hold out the title boys could run there stuff though. That loop hole closed up five years ago. No service can get you a title. You now have to go it alone. Every state in the US offers a title kit for old abandon junkshit. Some are easier than others but the system is in place. Not to mention you will save a lot of bread from a leech. Bob L


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          That's true about Alabama, but that same loop hole is still current in vermont... vehicles 15 years or older with no title are issued a registration.... that registration acts as a title in vermont, so then when it's transferred to another state, the new state (knowing that vermont doesn't issue titles) views that as a title and issues a title from their state. I've heard that some states give a hard time about a vermont transfer if you didn't previously live there, but Pennsylvania gave me no hassle. I'd recccomend speaking with a tag service in your state prior to going through vermont just to make sure its doable in your state. Moto recycles fee wasn't bad and I Def wouldn't say leech.... don't remember exactly but less than a couple hundred..... I was happy to pay it to avoid the back and forth with a dmv. The larger fee were for taxes that were paid to vermont, but then when I transferred tags to pa I didn't have to pay the tax since it was just paid to vermont.