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    Happy New Year to all,
    Has anyone been in contact with Heather's Leathers this year? I have a seat I want (and now can afford) to have redone this year. I sent him an email 2 weeks ago and haven't had a reply yet.
    Is calling him the better way to contact him? Chuck & Jo responded the next day, very helpful with all my questions.

    Thanks, Karel

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    I had Wayne repair a bag of mine. They called me and said that They were closed until Jan 4.


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      Thanks Arley, I will give him a call tomorrow.


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        I just had several conversations less than 2 weeks ago. Normally Kelly takes calls and emails. She got back to me in less than a day each time. Right now seats are May delivery so get your order placed. Are you using the email?
        Jason Z
        AMCA #21594
        Near Pittsburgh PA (Farm Country)
        Allegheny Mountain Chapter


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          I was able to contact them on the phone. Kelly called me back and was very helpful. I will be shipping them my seat and grab handles after the holiday. A late May to early June date is what she told me. I just need to decide what the leather color I want.
          Thanks, Karel