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Wanted: 1928 to 1931 Indian Chief engine and transmission

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  • Wanted: 1928 to 1931 Indian Chief engine and transmission

    Hi and Happy New Year 2024,

    I want to purchase the following Indian parts:
    -1931 Indian Chief engine or set of cases
    -1928 to 1931 Chief top end
    -1928 to 1931 Chief transmission case
    -1928 to 1931 Chief engine and transmission parts
    -I will consider purchasing 1928 to 1931 Chief projects, basket cases, and motorcycles.

    Thank you for your consideration, I appreciate it.

    Benito M. II
    Yerba Buena Chapter
    talk, text, email

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    Good Luck Benito! I love the early Chiefs but they are hard to build if you're piecing them together, 31 especially. Lots of 1 year only stuff on the 31. The primary cases are 1 year only, as the engine drive gear was bigger to compensate for the new internal rear brake and larger drive sprocket. There is a 20's chief group on facebook you may want to join....


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      Hi and Happy New Year 2024,

      If you're going to venture into fb consider joining: "1901-53 Indian Motocycle Parts for Sale" This is 'private' group so need to answer a few questions that weed/screen out scammers. Good luck.


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        Hi gharper and PaulCDF. I thank you both for your responses, advise, suggestions and friendly warning of the challenges building early Chiefs. I am glad I am a part of the AMCA community and utilize the AMCA Forum. I appreciate the recommendations to specific Facebook groups and the good luck