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  • Z50A minitrail

    I am looking for a Honda 1969 z50A, I do not want a restored one. I just want a mainly complete bike to beat around on. Please give a price, I also have trading stock.
    Thank you

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    Those things are bringing big bucks these days, so no one gets rid of the beaters cheap. I just did over a 1970 Ct 90 to bop around the swapmeets and now I see them on ebay for thousands...I don't get it personally. Good luck with your search.........Smitty


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      I do not get it either I have a 69 ct70 4 speed with manual clutch and a 73 ct70 3 speed that is in super shape. I had a 69 bought from a friend, we struck the deal and 5 minutes later I was at his house to pick it up and he said it is now going to England, I was super hot and will never deal with him again, not even for a Coke.
      I will even take one without an engine. As long as I can get most of it. I am 50, hence 1969, and I have a 1977 z50 that I bought when I was 10 years old that still runs great. Lol