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    I'm surprised there is no obituary for the passing of Walt Curro. I was only an acquaintance of Walt's but I'm sure he had many close, and longtime friends that could give him a proper memorial. He was very well known on the East Coast and was a regular fixture at AMCA meets.
    Eric Smith
    AMCA #886

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    Curro must have unfortunately & momentarily slipped through the cracks Eric. He was a member of the Colonial Chapter of the AMCA. I heard he was sick a few months ago, this from a West Coast friend of mine & very close personal lifetime friend of Walter. I used to see Walter during Daytona Bike Week, and we always talked either Indian motorcycles or Speedway. He was hugely into both. I'd call him at home once in awhile and shoot the Sh.t. He was definitely a card, and will be solely missed! God~Speed Walter. *R.i.P.*
    Walter Curro July 4 1952~~May 6 2022

    Here are some belated details, and his Facebook page is a wonderful tribute & memory also.

    From Howie Zechner: Raz Video.
    March 28
    In November lifetime friend and avid motorcycle collector Walter Curro had a pacemaker put in and then in December a stent. Discharged Walter had difficulty breathing and fell several times for no apparent reason. They put him back in hospital and found he has infection in two of heart valves. One has a hole in it. Walt needs to have the pacemaker taken out because the leads are infected and have the two valve repaired or replaced. Doctors refuse to operate until he can stand and walk.
    His Super Cycles shop closed, away from his home, dog and everything he cares about Walter is currently in rehab at Titen Falls in New Jersey. Depressed by these health issues and the lack of improvement his only bright spot is wife Kathy who spends every day there with him.
    Prayers and get well wishes are strong medicine so please give Walter some love. He’s a good guy that would give you the shirt off his back.

    From Howie Zechner: Raz Video.

    Very sad to report the passing of my dear friend Walter Curro. The owner of Supercyles in New York, he and I have been friends since we were kids. One of my first jobs was working for his dad Tony at Ship Ahoy when I was 14 years old. I will miss him terribly, he was one hell of a standup guy. Walter is survived by his wife Kathy Curro. Condolences may be sent to Walters email at
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      I had not heard of Walt's passing. I did not know him until I had occasion to meet him quite a few years ago when I transported a BSA for him to Mid Ohio. Nice guy to work with and quite knowledgeable as well. I wondered why I did not see him at Oley this year, he never missed that. Ride eternally Walt and Godspeed.


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        Always a gentlemen, sorry to hear of his passing.


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          Here's Walter's JD Board Track Motorcycle. Quite a bit of 'sPeEdWaY' parts on her~the motorcycle that is.

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            I judged several times with Walt and he was a knowledgeable character who knew his stuff. I'm sorry I won't be seeing him again to shoot the breeze about old bikes, and condolences to his wife and family.