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Thread: Wanted 1948 Licence Plate

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    Default Wanted 1948 Licence Plate

    I have an unrestored 1948 Indian Chief (Road Master) and a period licence (number) plate for that year is wanted to finish off the machine when displayed. As I have no idea where the bike was originally registered so the State where the plate was originally issued is not a concern. I am in Australia.

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    Try eBay if you’re looking for a plate from the USA.
    Some states allow that a year of manufacturing plate actually be registered and used. As a result, plates from those states cost more.
    Searching on eBay will show you the cheap ones from the states where that’s not allowed or where a 48 plate is more common.

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    Here's an updated link to Tom Baur. He has every plate you could imagine and a really nice guy to work with. Tell him I sent you.

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