What is the value of a 1929 jdh? I found a 1929 jdh that is rough, but not all rusted up, the engine does turn over, the frame is primer gray and tanks are primer red oxide. He said it has been that way since the mid 80s and the engine is a 74ci. He said he has a couple of other twin cam engines frames and front ends, but no titles, one a 61ci and the a 74ci. He also has a 1928 twin cam bike that was restored in the 70s that he wants to keep.
I think these bikes are out of my league, I know nothing about them. I do know they are rare as my short research showed roughly a thousand built. He told me he may start moving the bikes this winter.
My mind tells me it would nice to restore one, but also tells me the bike is not practical for me as I like to ride them.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.