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    I just wanted to say that I was very much impressed, and touched by the comments in our recent club magazine about Marie Moore. I never met her, but I have met many women like her in our great club. Women who probably fell into their jobs because their Fathers, husbands, or boyfriends loved the hobby and they wanted to be part of that lifestyle. That's the easy answer, but I think it goes deeper than that, and I think there was a superficial need that those women saw, and turned into a vital function that this club would die without.

    I always think of that comment about the 'fighting robot' phenomenon on cable t.v., and that you'll never see a woman at one of those contests. Well, that's not the case at an AMCA meet because our club has always welcomed anyone that loves old motorcycles.

    My deepest condolences to Ms. Moore's family, and many friends. God bless.
    Eric Smith
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    Eric, I can easily say with no reservations that every word about her is true. She was an incredible woman with a very generous heart who gave so much to our chapter and was a friend to everyone she met. She is loved and missed dearly by her Fort Sutter family.
    Eric Olson
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    First Eric, I just would add that Jim, Marie's husband is a National Honorary member, a retired National board member, Fort Sutter Chapter Honorary member (as was Marie) and a past Chapter president. He was also an x-CHP motor officer and retired as a CHP Captain. He was a pilot and I believe a member of the Civil Air Patrol. Mike one of their son's was an Albany, New York area district manager for the Motor Company and now holds the same position in NorCal. Their other son Jeff is a Master restorer of early BMW motorcycles. As you can see it was and is a motorcycle family and Marie was in the thick of it. The apple didn't fall far from the tree as far as the boy's were concerned. Thanks for the kind words Eric. Be safe, Rich

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