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Thread: Pre-order for How To Restore Your Harley-Davidson Third Edition

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    i really wish it was spiral bound so it could lay flat on the bench. that would be very helpful. both Steve Slocomb & Johnny Sells books are spiral bound & it really helps.

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    Could always take your old edition to a small printshop and they could convert it.

    Just emailed Deborah for my latest copy, starting to feel like a high end subscription, but love it!


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    They had several poorly bound 2nd editions left over that they sold at a reduced rate last time around. I purchased one of those and completely disassembled it. I then put each page in a plastic sleeve. I then put all the pages in loose leaf binders. Separated the sections into 5 or 6 binders. Lots of work and don't know if it was worth it but it's really handy. You can take one or two pages out to the work bench, wipe the grease off afterwards and snap them back in.

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    Great idea, John. I do something similar. For my shop copy I take it to a FedEx that does printing and copying. They cut off the binding and drill it for a three ring binder, then I put it in a large three ring binder. For my parts books and shop manuals I again have FedEx punch those. I found three ring binders at the Dollar Tree dollar store. They are just the right size for Harley manuals. They also come in assorted colors . Bruce told me the new edition is quite a bit thicker so it might take two binders.

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