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Thread: Speedo year?

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    Default Speedo year?

    DSCN3397.jpgDSCN3398.jpg Ebay find that my S.W. info doesn't show a 509FFC12? Looks like a 48-52 model.
    Thanks, Tony.
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    Send it to Stan The Speedometer Man and he can make it the year you want and look like new.
    602 290 6991
    Be sure to visit;
    Be sure to register at the site so you can see large images.
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    John Bordas' speedometer shop has just done one for my 49 Pan, now in 100 point condition inside and out!
    303-420-4510 See his ad in club magazine page 90 in the new March- April 2017 issue. Also, looks like a new address for him.
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