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Thread: Hard starting 1964 R69S

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    Howdy sir,

    View the last pic of the offering to which George is referring which is in the link below. Note there is nothing attached to the camshaft or any components of the mag remaining. Though touted as a 12 volt conversion far more significant is a hybrid adaption of CD (capacitive discharge) ignition - if similar to my BTH sourced version - which includes built in analogue auto advance. This latter feature is what he is focusing on.

    CD ignition is known for its powerful spark at low starting cycle rpm and resistance to dry fouling at high cylinder pressures and was put on the mainstream map by Porsche in 1968 with the fitment of the American sourced Permatune to their 911 range for which the most powerful version, the 911S, had reached its ignition limit at roughly 90hp per liter. BTH's offerings absolutely transform the usability of a Vincents and Velocettes and I see no reason why this ignition, if indeed CD based, would not do the same for /2's. If nothing else it would get rid of the fiddly points, increasingly rare NOS replacement parts and sometimes wobbly points cam. I need to drag mine back out from the back of the shop and sort out what is likely a simple issue.

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    1. Joined Airheads
    2. Found Dave Fahringer who volunteered to get my R69S to start like it should.
    3. Dave found the magneto was time correctly as far as the points were concerned, but was not timed correctly as far as its orientation on the engine. It needed phase adjustment.
    4. Now, it starts better than it ever has.

    If I understand the problem correctly, the magneto was bolted on the engine block slightly crooked. I had no idea that was even possible.
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    Glad you got your bike running well. You have a nice collection!

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