WhenI got my 439 it had a timing cover leak. I remember the cover having a leak when my friend Mike owned it. My cousin had told him it was an easy fix, but Mike refused to take the cover off after Irv Truax had rebuilt the engine. It was a drip when I saw it, or so it appeared. It apparently was more than a drip or became more than a drip over time. Bike was stored since 2008.

When I got the bike there was about 2 quarts of oil in the sump. I changed the oil and the next morning found a lake of oil on my lift, all running out of the timing cover. So, I ordered a new gasket from Fickau and took the cover off today.

I've laid the old gasket over the cover on my bench.

Here is today's challenge. The winner will get two free round trip tickets for two to Benghazi.

Who can spot the problem??

This is why I'm not a big fan of silicone sealant. Yes it is a great sealant. But before it cures, it is slipperier than a sneaker full of baby poop. So, what you see here is a typical problem when you use silicone on gaskets that can be easily deformed.

The Fickau gasket, which arrived this week, is a rubberized cork. I'm thinking of using Permatex Aviation Formagasket. But I'm open to experienced suggestions for a better choice with known results.