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  • Paint removal

    I am seeking more information about removing paint and preserving the oringinal paint as much as possible. There is an Indian featured in the club calendar which is now black, but was once (spray can) painted blue. The caption says the blue paint was removed using acetone and a rag. I would like to hear from anyone who has tried this, with some details on technique. I have a '57 servicar (formerly police) that has been painted green (spray can) over the white. I'm not really sure of the condition of the original paint though. At least I would have something better than the green until I can have it repainted (worse case).

    Thanks, Robyn

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    you could use acetone to try and remove.this is a very hot(strong & fast drying) thinner.However,there is a chance that it could affect your white base paint.If the spray can paint was enamel,you could start with hi grade enamel reducer,then if that did'nt work move on to acetone.Do a small spot first.Saturate a rag and lay it on top of paint.Stand ready with dry rags to wipe off residue.If wrinkling top coat & not affecting base coat,wipe off top coat & continue.Don't try to do entire panel at one time,as you don't want to leave on long enough to affect white base. When done rub out base with rubbing compound.


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      An extention to the original question

      I have a similar but different issue. I have a factory paint 65 Pan, that I'd like to keep as original as possible (don't want to restore). Unfortunately along the way someone chose to add pinstriping (hand painted). I don't like the pin striping and have been trying to figure out a way to remove it without damaging hte Hi Fi Blue underneath. Think I could be successful using the methods mentioned? Has anyone tried to remove pin striping on their bikes?


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        The first thing I always use when attempting to get to the original base coat is fiberglass reinforced packing tape. Clean the surface thoroughly with windex. When the surface is totally dry, scrub on the tape and try to pull it off. For the little bits left over, scrub the tape on that spot only.