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    Does anyone know if Kemco Manufacturing is still in business? They were advertising in the AMCA mag in the 2013 timeframe that they could "create your part from existing parts, templates, sketches, or cad data". Their listed web site is no longer available.
    I have an broken aluminum bracket that supports the shifting mechanism on my bike and it's very rare (It's the grey colored portion of the part and it has one of the three bolting holes broken off).

    If anyone knows of someone else that can fabricate parts from an existing part, please let me know.
    JohnShift Support Bracket, 5.jpg

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    2013 seems like yesterday, John!

    I can't even begin to identify your part, but it appears die-cast.

    If you at least had a picture of a complete one, then artfully dressing a welded repair would certainly be more authentic, and far cheaper, than any scratch attempt.

    Good Gawd I hope someone can prove me wrong,...


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      Thanks for the reply! My apologies for not identifying the part to begin with. It's a shifter support bracket inside the right cover of a '66 Ducati Cadet 100. This bike is very close to the first MC I owned way back when. I bought this particular bike on impulse at last year's Oley meet. Brought back fond memories but kept popping out of gear.
      Here's some better pictures. I put a want ad a few months ago in the AMCA mag and got a response from a gentleman in Colorado whose Dad had several Ducati dealerships back in the 60s. He managed to locate another bracket! Probably the only one left in the U.S. So now I've got a spare that I can get repaired when I receive a good one.
      It used to have three bolts holding it to the right case. One bolt hole is completely torn off. I suspect a bound up chain took it off. You can also see that one of the supports that the bracket bolts to is broken off. It broke off a chunk of the case. Someone tried to fix it with JB Weld, but it failed the test
      Luckily I have a used right case.
      I'm sure you're right about the cost of a welding repair vs starting from scratch. But eventually, I'll be looking for someone who can weld aluminum and might be able to fix this bracket as a spare.
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        Investment casting may be the answer.
        Be sure to visit;
        Be sure to register at the site so you can see large images.
        Also be sure to visit


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          Thanks Chris, can you recommend a vendor for either casting or aluminum repair?


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            Long shot, but Chopper Dave is all about casting, maybe he can help you out or point you in the right direction, good luck.



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              Originally posted by Architect View Post
              Long shot, but Chopper Dave is all about casting, maybe he can help you out or point you in the right direction, good luck.

              Thanks, I'll check them out. Sorry for the belated response.